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Honey bee swarms and swarm trap

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Swarms often land in strange places...

Spring and early summer are prime times for honey bee colonies to grow very quickly and create swarms in Portland. If you have a large cluster of bees that has landed in your yard give us a call. For no charge, we will safely provide honey bee swarm removal and place the bees into hives giving them a much better chance at survival. We first started capturing swarms as a way to increase our hive numbers and have since made honey bee swarm removal into a fundamental part of our beekeeping business. Our honey bee swarm removal service provides us with bees that are stronger and healthier those commercially available for purchase and they survive better in our local environment.  We supplement our current bee stock with these wild feral bees and value the increased robustness they bring. Every year we set out swarm traps in hope of capturing some of these wild bees. 

It has become well known that bees are having an increasingly difficult time surviving and most people want to help them when they can. However, when a swarm of bees lands in your yard it can be quite unsettling! We do not charge for swarm capture and enjoy helping our community by removing them. Otherwise these bee swarms could become a nuisance and potentially cause a significant amount of damage to your home if they establish a nest inside one of your walls.


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Swarm on top of Portland high-rise building

 Swarm Removal​

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