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From our Hillsboro bee-yard, dark and bold. A perfect choice for the adventurous!

The local honey from our Cornelius Oregon bee-yard has become our flagship honey. Light and fruity with lively floral accents this is our most popular variety. A Blue Ribbon winner and Best of Show at 2015 Oregon State Beekeeping Convention and Blue Ribbon winner and Best of Division at the 2016 Oregon state Fair "Best Light Honey."  Farmer Gene's Bees honey is a real crowd pleaser! Nestled among a field of blueberry plants with plentiful nearby berry farms and clover fields our Cornelius hives are full of happy bees making award winning honey in Portland! We are offering our Raw Cornelius Honey in pint and quart glass jars

This is the second year we've offered honey from our bee-yard in Hillsboro Oregon and surprisingly this year's honey is very different from last years. While we were expecting something light and mild flavored we got a dark colored honey with a bold and fruity blackberry flavor, what a treat! Blue ribbon winner 2016 Oregon State Fair "Best Dark Honey." We are offering our Raw Hillsboro Honey in pint and quart glass jars.


From our new bee yard in Dayton, smooth and buttery. This one is sure to surprise you!

If you are local and would like to try some of our Premium Oregon Raw Honey please call 503-333-3166 to arrange for pick-up or delivery. Thank you!

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From our Cornelius bee yard, light and fruity. Our most popular variety of honey!

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Quart jar  $20.00​

We are excited to offer honey from our newest bee-yard in Dayton Oregon. A wonderfully smooth and buttery honey from hives located on Grand Island a stones throw away from the Willamette River. This region is noted for large pumpkin and buckwheat fields with plentiful wild blackberries. We suspect the wonderful buttery vanilla flavor originates from the buckwheat mixed with some wild fireweed. One taste will surely put a smile on your face! We are offering our Raw Dayton Honey in pint and quart glass jars.

"Farmland" Local Honey

Oregon Farmland Honey:

Raw local honey from the farmlands west of Portland


 No antibiotics or synthetic chemicals are ever used in our hives. When necessary essential oils and organic acids are used to keep our bees strong and healthy. Our honey is considered to be raw because it is never heated over 90 degrees and is gently strained to remove any incidental unwanted debris without removing the beneficial pollens. We do not use any destructive filtering processes as is typical of the larger honey producers. We use glass jars because we believe they are the best able to preserve and protect the honey's delicate flavors without the risk of introducing any unwanted chemicals into the honey as can happen from a plastic container. Glass is heavier than plastic and does cost more to ship but we feel the added expense is a worthwhile investment to ensure the quality of the honey.

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