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Our first bees - it was all so new and exciting!

First hive boxes - even though they were old hand-me-downs we thought they were great!

Farmer Gene's Local Honey

It started as a hobby....

From a pile of used hive boxes that were inherited from a childhood friend a beekeeping enterprise was born. With the support of friends, family and a wonderful beekeeping community here in Oregon, Farmer Gene's Bees has grown to have five apiaries in Portland's western valley. We are currently managing 75 to 100 hives and growing. We are able to offer small scale pollination services and are always happy to help with swarm retrievals or bee questions of a more generalized nature. Honey in Portland - Pure Honey. 

The winter is rapidly changing to spring and into the busiest time for the bees and the beekeeper. The bees are currently building up their numbers in preparation for the spring bloom and nectar flow.  We've had a good winter with 100% colony survival. Early spring supplemental feeding has begun, the bees are strong, healthy, and eager to get busy making honey as soon as the weather allows. 

This year we will be increasing our hive numbers by collecting swarms from feral honey bee colonies and splitting starter colonies from our strongest older colonies.  We will continue to establish new apiary sites and improve upon our bee care strategies for the upcoming year. 

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